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Does a small business really need a logo?

Many small business owners put off logo creation because of the assumed high costs (agencies typically charge $2000 - $10000).  But without a logo they’re missing out on some significant benefits.  Having a logo and using it on consistent business and marketing materials:

  • Makes you look more professional and established than competitors who don’t have a cohesive marketing communications strategy.

  • Shows a level of commitment to your business, which can attract more customers.

  • Makes your business more memorable.  Forty percent of people better remember what they see than what they hear or read

  • Helps explain the kind of business you’re in, if your company name doesn’t do this

  • Builds a brand or image bigger than yourself, especially if you are a one-person company, such as a consultant

 What are text and color effects? 

Text and color effects offer a variety of ways to display the text and design elements in your logo.  Text effects include adding backgrounds, brackets, drop shadows and more to your text.  Color effects give you countless ways to apply color to your entire logo.  By simply clicking on the options, you can try out any combination of text and color effects to fid the look that suits your business. 


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